This page contains answers to some of the most common questions that people ask. ( The "FAQ" in the menu stands for "Frequently Asked Questions" )

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to call us at 639-9995 or send an email to

What is a "Custom Mat"? 

A Custom Mat is a photo ( usually an 11inch x 14inch or a 9inch by 18inch ) on which a border and mat are printed along with the images(s). 

Please note that the "Custom Mat" textures and photo borders are simulated. The texture is printed on the photo paper itself.

The  "Custom Mat 1" series are available in  11" x 14"  and  16" x 20"   

The  "Custom Mat 2" series are available in  9" x 18"  only

The  "Custom Mat 3" series are available in  8" x 10",   11" x 14"  and  16" x 20" 

Any photos may be placed in the mat openings if you choose images that can be oriented to fit the opening. Some cropping may occur.

All Custom Mats are mounted and laminated.

What is "Mounted"?

Some of the items on our price list are shown as "Mounted". This means that the photo is bonded to "Foamcore" which is a lightweight foam sandwich material that is about 1/4 inch thick. A thinner mounting material called "Sintra" is available as well. Foamcore will fit most frames but if you have a frame with a shallow opening you should specify "Sintra". Mounting keeps the photo flat and rigid for framing.

What is "Lamination"?

Lamination means that the picture is protected by a plastic coating that is bonded to to front of the print. We use "Hot" lamination only. This gives a better bond and the coating has a texture that feels as if it has very small dimples. The lamination cuts reflections and protects the surface. All of our "Custom Mats" are laminated by default but if you wish other photos mounted, please request it. There is an extra charge for lamination unless you are ordering a "Custom Mat".

Can I purchase the original digital images in addition to or instead of my package?

Yes, you may purchase a Disc of your photo session. This Disc contains the full size files of the pictures that were originally emailed to you as proofs. The images do not have any text overlay as were applied to the email proofs. If we had emailed any "Samples" these will also be included as full size images. "Custom Mats" will not be included with the Disc. The price of the Disc is $200.00 if you do not purchase a package but is reduced to $100.00 if you place a package order from your session. All rights to these images are transferred to you to print and share as you wish.

How about Retouching?

Yes, we do retouching on the final prints. We usually do not do any retouching on the email proofs that we send you initially. Minor retouching is included in the cost of the package but if you require something major, please contact us for a quote.